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  • Battery to starter cable
    NEW: Battery to starter motor cable: P5 models ..
    Incl. VAT: £55.00
  • Battery to starter cable
    Battery to starter solenoid cable: P4 models OE Part No 243943 ..
    Incl. VAT: £40.00
  • Bonnet cable
    Bonnet control cable complete for bonnet catch: all P4 models This cable is made with origin..
    Incl. VAT: £36.00
  • Choke cable clip: V8
    Choke cable clip: P5B V8 models This is a spring clip fixing short choke cables to bracket Pri..
    Incl. VAT: £2.00
  • Choke cable junction unit: 2000 TC
    NEW:  Choke cable plastic junction unit: 2000 TC models only OE Part Number: 568319 ..
    Incl. VAT: £20.00
  • Choke cable long: V8
    Original 'Cold Start' choke cable to junction unit: P5B V8 models ..
    Incl. VAT: £42.50
  • Choke cable nipple: V8
    Choke cable nipple: P5B V8 models This is a locking pin fixing cables to carburettors Price ea..
    Incl. VAT: £3.50
  • Choke cable set: V8
    Original 'Cold Start' long choke cable to junction unit, complete with 2 short cables and junction u..
    Incl. VAT: £72.50
  • Choke cable short: V8
    Short choke cable from junction splitter to carbs: P5B models Price each - 2 cables per car OE..
    Incl. VAT: £6.25
  • Choke cable to front carb: 2000TC
    Twin choke cable to front carburretor: P6 2000 TC models OE Part No 565780 ..
    Incl. VAT: £15.00
  • Choke cable to rear carb: 2000TC
    Twin choke cable to rear carb: 2000 TC models Part No 565781 ..
    Incl. VAT: £15.00
  • Choke cable: 2000/2200/3500
    Choke cable: P6 2000/2200/3500 models This is a substitute cable with a round knob/T-handle ..
    Incl. VAT: £18.00
  • Choke cable: 3 Litre
    Choke cable: P5 3 Litre models  Please note - this is a substitute cable - if you requi..
    Incl. VAT: £18.00
  • Choke cable: hooked end
    VERY LIMITED STOCK Choke cable with hooked end. Genuine, NOS.  Please note the length of ..
    Incl. VAT: £35.00
  • Cold start cable: 3 LTR
    Choke/cold start cable (outer only): P5 3 Ltr models Genuine Rover OE Part Number: 5..
    Incl. VAT: £25.00