Car covers


Outdoor car covers offer protection from natural and industrial pollutants, snow, ice, acid rain, dust, dirt, ultra-violet radiation and hot sunshine.  These car covers are suitable for continuous outdoor use.  our outdoor car covers incorporate a door-zip (with an inner protective flap) on both sides, have all-round hem elastic and include underneath straps for strong winds.  All covers are supplied with a holdall for easy storage.

Outdoor car covers are made from 150D woven textile, proofed with an aluminised finish to reflect ultra-violet sunlight and heat.  The specification of the proofing which is unique to these covers ensures 90% water proofing without losing breathability.  These covers have driver and passenger door zips, which are plastic and have a fabric cover to prevent them coming into contact with the paintwork.

This outdoor cover has been used on a company's Rover P5 continuously for the last 5 years and still remains in a very good condition.






In-garage car covers offer protection from knocks, spills and dust. These covers are suitable for continuous indoor use. These covers incorporate a door-zip with an inner protective flap on both sides and have elasticated hems at both ends. In-garage covers are machine washable and dry very quickly. These covers are supplied with a holdall for easy storage. 

In-garage covers are manufactured using a lightweight silky nylon textile with acrylic proofing to render the material truly dustproof. The cover is breathable and can be easily washed. The fabric treatment is unique to these covers.

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