Carb float stay-up: HIF6 carbs

Product Code:P6FLOAT7
Price: £26.40 Ex. VAT: £22.00


HIF6 carburretor float: P6 models with HIF6 carbs (see below for details)

This is a revolutionary new float for SU carburretors which is virtually unsinkable.  The new StayUp Float is resistant to modern ethanol-based fuels and has a military spec closed cell construction making it puncture proof.  Previously this material was used for millitary installations and has now been upgraded for the manufacture of this float

This float is suitable for the following P6 models:

  • P6 2200 SC (1973 on)
  • P6 2200 TC (1973 on) - please specify front or rear
  • P6 3500 (1973 on) - please specify left hand or right hand  

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