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  • Bonnet front corner buffer
    NEW, UNAVAILABLE FOR YEARS: Rubber buffer for front corner of the bonnet: all P4 models OE Par..
    Incl. VAT: £8.00
  • Boot corner repair (30)
    Boot corner repair (30): P4 models Reproduced with all drillings Please select LH or RH when o..
    Incl. VAT: £18.00
  • Boot floor corner repair (37)
    Boot floor corner repair (37): P5 3 Ltr / P5B models Includes all flanges, holes and the large ba..
    Incl. VAT: £48.50
  • Boot rear corner repair (42)
    Boot rear corner repair (42): P6 models Please specify LH or RH when ordering Please note ..
    Incl. VAT: £30.00
  • Screen clip: corner tongue
    Screen clip: corner tongue/clamp. Stainless steel. Each Used: Saloon front and rear screens; Coup..
    Incl. VAT: £3.00
  • Screen clip: Coupe rear corner
    Coupe rear screen clips: lower corner clamps. Each Part No 353279 ..
    Incl. VAT: £4.00