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  • AED repair kit
    AED (automatic enrichment device) repair kit: P5B / P6 3500 models  ..
    Ex. VAT: £89.00
  • Alternator plug kit: 11AC
    11AC alternator plug kit  ..
    Ex. VAT: £10.00
  • Anti-roll bar link pin kit
    Anti-roll bar link pin kit including pin, nuts, tube and washers: P5 3ltr / P5B models ..
    Ex. VAT: £20.00
  • Anti-roll bar link pin kit
    Anti-roll link pin kit including all washers, nuts and tube: all P4 models ..
    Ex. VAT: £15.00
  • Axle breather kit: 2000
    Rear axle/final drive breather kit: P6 2000 models Genuine OE kit: 605412 This was a modificat..
    Ex. VAT: £15.00
  • Badge bar kit
    Badge bar kit Includes a stainless steel badge bar (22" long) and 4 badge clamps ..
    Ex. VAT: £39.00
  • Body mount kit (38)
    Body mounting kit (38): all P4 models  Including pressings, rubbers and bolts ..
    Ex. VAT: £26.50
  • Boot hardura trim panel kit
    Boot hardura trim panel kit: P4 models This kit includes: wheel arch covers, LH/RH flaps and petr..
    Ex. VAT: £75.00
  • Breather hose kit: V8
    NEW: Kit including one pair of breather hoses and a rear engine breather: P5B / P6 3500 models ..
    Ex. VAT: £10.00
  • Butyl exhaust fitting kit: 2000 TC
    'Butyl' exhaust fitting kit: P6 2000 TC models The 'Butyl' mountings, when fitted to the bell hou..
    Ex. VAT: £30.00
  • BW35 gasket kit
    BW35 automatic gearbox gasket and 'O' ring kit: P5B / P6 models with BW35 gearbox ..
    Ex. VAT: £50.00
  • BW35 overhaul kit
    BW35 Automatic gearbox master overhaul kit: P5 / P6 models  Includes seals, gaskets, fr..
    Ex. VAT: £150.00
  • BW65 gasket kit
    BW65 Automatic gearbox gasket and 'O' ring seal kit ..
    Ex. VAT: £65.00
  • BW65 overhaul kit
    BW65 auto gearbox master overhaul kit. This kit includes all seals, front and rear bands, clutch pla..
    Ex. VAT: £170.00
  • Camshaft kit: V8
    Camshaft kit: V8 models.  This kit includes: standard camshaft 16 hydraulic tappets ..
    Ex. VAT: £145.00