Sill mats set

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One set of rubber sill mats: all P4 models

This set contains 1 pair of front and 1 pair of rear sill mats

OE Part Numbers: 312800 / 312801 / 31802 / 312803

Our British designed and made sill mats are a faithful reproduction of the originals with rounded edges and grooves on the back to allow the mats to bend easier.  Please note - these mats do not include the metal inserts which often contibuted to de-laminating of the rubber.  We have excluded these strips from the mats as modern adhesives have overcome the need for these inserts.  

For your assurance our trademark logo is discreetly moulded into the mats to differentiate between our products and other brands available on the market. 

JRW Exclusive - Made in the UK

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